The Team

We are Raven Sword Industries, an independent game studio based (mostly) in Ottawa, Canada. Our team first came together while we were attending Algonquin College’s Game Development program.

As part of the program we started development on what would turn into our first title – Arkin. Upon graduation we decided that Arkin deserved to be finished and released as a full indie title, and from that decision Raven Sword Industries was officially formed. As with many indie developers most of us hold regular day jobs and spend our free time working to make Arkin an awesome space combat experience.

Brad Hill

I’m Lead Developer here at Raven Sword Industries. I’ll be handling the design of various systems, gameplay programming, AI, and everything else needed to bring the game to life. I’ve always thought video games were the best way to tell a story, and that’s why I decided I wanted to be involved in making them. I feel a game without an in depth story is a wasted opportunity, for developers and players.

Allison MacIsaac

I’ve been working as an artist with Raven Sword Industries since the start of this project. My main interest is in 3D art and texturing, and I hope to use Arkin as an opportunity to bring our vibrant science fiction universe to life. I look at this project as my chance to use my technical art skills to share my teams vision of a star-faring future.

Andrew Shiels

I am Andrew Sheils and I am a 3D modeler and texture artist for Arkin. I have admired the art of models and textures in video games ever since I was old enough to properly enjoy them. I have dabbled in some modeling before, but initially thought it was quite difficult. Once we started the project, and I learned more in college, I committed myself to being a 3D artist and I fully enjoy it. My hopes for the game are for it to be successful and for others to enjoy my work on it.

Josh Duffenais

Throughout development of Arkin I’ll be in charge of all things audio related, from sound design, to mixing, to programming. I’ve been working with live and recorded audio productions for the past five years, and this project is my first opportunity to combine my love of sound with the game development knowledge I’ve acquired during my time in school.

Sam Villeneuve

Hey all, Samuel Villeneuve here. I’m a 3D modeler at Raven Sword Industries. I also did a bit of programming at the start of Arkin but have since taken on more of an art role. Like anyone in the game dev industry, I’ve had a passion for video games from a very young age. As I got older I began to wonder what actually went into making these works of art. So, I decided to figure it out by doing it! I’m very excited to be working on Arkin and I hope to do the best job I can.

Jeremy Troicuk

I’m working on the testing and QA side of Arkin. I’ve worked with Raven Sword Industries in the past and now it’s time to dive deep once again. I’m very passionate about video games and the culture that it harbors and now it’s my turn to make a mark on the industry that made me what I am today. Now let’s get ready to shoot some aliens and conquer the universe!