News 05 – Alpha Begins

Josh Duffenais News

Hey everyone, this week we won’t be posting any Dev Blog entries due to the amount of time we’re spending on this Alpha release. However, we will be going into detail on what’s new in the Alpha and how the build releases will work.

Whats New

Until now, Project Orion has consisted of a single level and a tutorial, this was all we needed in our pre-alpha stage to demonstrate the basics of the game. For our first Alpha test we want to give players some new features and scenarios to explore. By the end of the first test players will have access to ship customization, the first playable iteration of our interior mission hub environment, and an entirely new combat mission.

The Release Process

Phase 1

The first build of this alpha test will only feature content that is already present in game with numerous improvements. Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on updating (and in some cases completely rewriting) some of our in game systems to make building missions and adding new functionality more robust and less time consuming. As a result we need to ensure the stability of these new methods before we begin building any more content upon them.

Phase one launches tonight, and will include the full Tutorial Mission as well as the first real mission of Project Orion.

Phase 2

Once we’re confident that the core gameplay is running well and critical bug-free we’ll be adding content incrementally throughout the remaining builds. The first addition will be access to the ship customization menu, allowing testers to customize their loadout with new weapons and other attachments ranging from increased armor to more powerful thrusters.

Phase 3

The next addition will be the playable interior of the TDF Battlegroup Delta capital ship. This environment will serve as a hub between missions, allowing the player to interact with squadmates, visit the hangar to customize the Orion, and access the galaxy map to select their next mission. Of course its currently in the alpha stage and it will exist primarily to test the systems behind interacting with the world when outside of the Orion.

Phase 4

The final Alpha build for this test will see the addition of the second mission in Project Orion! In this mission Viper is tasked with defending evacuating TDF colonists from the onslaught of the Arckin fleet. This mission is very much still a work in progress at the moment, several assets will be unfinished during the Alpha test and we fully expect to see bugs and other issues arise throughout. Despite that, we hope the glimpse into future mission types will be interesting.

Getting the Build

If you are an Alpha-tier backer or above you can grab the latest build from the Alpha forum starting tonight.
So if you haven’t signed up yet now is definitely the time!

For the rest of the community else we will showing the new features in upcoming posts so stay tuned.