Development Status Update

Brad Hill News

We know it’s been several months since our last update of any kind and we apologize for the lack of communication. Many of you are probably wondering what the current state of the project is and in this update we hope to explain all that’s happened and our plans for the future.

The Past Months

Over the past several months development has slowed significantly. There are many reasons for this (work, life, and other obligations), but the end result is that very little progress has been made. This is the unfortunate reality of working on a game of this scale part-time – when life gets crazy time available for development drops to near zero. We’re not happy with this explanation, not having the time to make any real progress has been hard for us, but that has been the reality of the situation.


What Happens Next?

Let us be absolutely clear – we are committed to finishing Arkin. We have a obligation to everyone who’s supported us to release the game for them to enjoy. So much time and effort has gone into getting Arkin to where it is now we wouldn’t even consider giving up on it. We’re proud of what we’ve created so far and we truly believe Arkin deserves to be released.

With all that in mind the same reasons so little progress has been made over the past months still exist. With the end of summer many of us expect life to slow down (especially once we’re buried under a couple feet of snow) and make more time available to once again make real progress.


Expect a new dev blog shortly detailing the work that has been made over the past months and some of our plans to maximize the time we do have available to ensure the project gets finished. Also expect more regular updates to begin again. Even if those updates are not as packed with as much content as we’d like we understand that frequent communication is far more important than waiting until we have more to share.

Once again we thank all of you for your support, patience, and understanding. If you have any questions that we’re not answered here please don’t hesitate to contact us via the forums, Steam, Kickstarter, or email.

-The Arkin Team