Dev Blog 16 – Full Speed Ahead

Brad Hill Dev Blog

Welcome back to the bi-weekly Project Orion Dev Blog! We’ve got some great updates this week, including some cool video previews and an introduction to the new members of the Project Orion team.

New Teammates

Last update we shared our plans to expand our programming team; this week we’re happy to introduce the two newest members of the Raven Sword Industries team!  Sean is new to both the project and the team, and Jeremy is a returning member with experience on Project Orion.  Both of them are here to help us make Project Orion as awesome as we know it can be.

Jeremy Troicuk

I’ve worked with Raven Sword Industries in the past and now it’s time to dive deep once again. I’m very passionate about video games and the culture that it harbors and now it’s my turn to make a mark on the industry that made me what I am today. Now let’s get ready to shoot some aliens and conquer the universe!

Sean Coutinho

Though I’m new to the Project Orion team, I am an experienced Game Programmer, having worked on developing a variety of gameplay systems for a variety of different games, personal and collaborative. I have been brought on board to Raven Sword Industries to assist with the scripting for Project Orion, and I intend to do my best to help breathe life into the game to create a roaring, epic space shooter that combines gripping gameplay with engaging storytelling.


This week we’ve created two small (but cool) preview videos for you to check out.  In our last Dev Blog we mentioned the new launch tube system, so this week we thought we’d do one better and show it in action.  While the art is placeholder, it gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect in the future.

The next preview is a bit longer, showcasing Project Orion’s story and growing collection of awesome voice acting talent.  This monologue gives a brief history of the Project Orion universe from when humanity began colonizing the galaxy to the present day, immediately before the story of Project Orion begins.  For a bit of added cool-factor the monologue is voiced by Commander Shrike, the leader of Battlegroup Delta and a very important character in the story.

We’re looking forward to sharing more about the story of Project Orion in the future, including more in-depth information on the universe, backstory, and characters.  However, it goes without saying that we will be keeping spoilers and main plot details to ourselves as to not spoil the experience for players.

Revised Roadmap

The roadmap was updated earlier this week to properly outline our progress towards the release of Part 1.  Part 2 is absent for now as estimates that far in the future would be purely speculative at this point.

Final Updates

We’ve got just a few more small updates to finish of this week’s Dev Blog. Earlier this week we began the weapon design process with our Weapon Designer tier backers. We’re excited to see what great ideas come out of it, and hopefully we can share some of them with you in the coming weeks.

For all of you waiting on news of the next Alpha. we’re still on track to release the first build next week.  It will contain the content you’ve seen in the previews above along with a massively overhauled version of Mission 1, including an in-progress version of all the accompanying story content.

That’s all for now, we’ll be back in two weeks with another update on Project Orion.