Dev Blog 12 – Alpha Phase 3

Josh Duffenais Dev Blog

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the Project Orion Dev Blog! It’s been awhile since our last entry so we’ve got lots to share with you this week.

Alpha Gameplay

Most of you who aren’t participating in the early alpha testing might have been feeling a bit out of the loop, this is why for this update we’ve put together a short gameplay video showcasing some of the additions and improvements that our testers have been trying out.

Orion Update

The Orion continues to evolve as we move forward, the biggest changes since the last update being the updated cockpit prototype and preliminary set of weapons and attachments. We’ve got two variations of the customized Orion in the screenshots below, along with a close ups of the cockpit prototype.

The first variation is mostly default, with the standard power core, armor, and chain gun. In the second screenshot however you can see some heavy plating covering the more vulnerable points, an upgraded power source and the powerful rail gun hanging off the wings. Be sure to watch the video above to see more of the new weapons and attachments in action.

Design and Prototyping

In our last big alpha release we added in the capital ship interior prototype. It was important to start testing out the core systems like movement, sound, collision, and UI interaction (think Doom 3 style interactive displays). While still in the early stages of modeling and design we’ve got some screenshots of our progress below.

We’ve been spending some time designing more features for the interior, such as a personal data pad for navigation and keeping track of information given to you, and any information you have discovered on you own. The hangar portion of the interior is our next target for grey blocking and prototyping. From here you will be able to research upgrades for the Orion and swap out the various attachments and weapons you have already acquired.

On the story front we’ve been making great progress fleshing out the details of the plot and characters. We’re really looking forward to sharing the story of Project Orion with you, but of course that will have to wait a while longer.


In the coming weeks we’ll be adding the final component of our first Alpha testing phase, our second mission. Alpha testers can look forward to a new gameplay scenario and another opportunity to test out all the additions we’ve been making to the Orion’s arsenal.

Keep an eye on the Dev blog for more news in the weeks to come, thanks for reading and we’ll see you again soon.