Dev Blog 11 – Alpha Progress

Josh Duffenais Dev Blog

Hello again and welcome back to the Dev Blog, this week we’ve got some great shots of Project Orion in action, we’ll be looking at what the team has been working on adding to the Alpha so far and what’s still to come in its next phase.

A Look Inside The Alpha

In case you were wondering if we’d forgotten all of our other supporters who aren’t participating in the Alpha! Most of this update is dedicated to you, with plenty of screenshots, and a short video showing the new and improved warp effect. Also, in the screenshots below you can see some of the other improvements we’ve made, like the new HUD, improved post-processing effects, enemy fighters warping in, and the new enemy frigate (both alive and dead).

We know is pretty hard to see gameplay improvements from screenshots so we’ll be making a new gameplay trailer in the near future showcasing the new content being tested in the Alpha.

And here’s a short video showcasing the new warp effect we’re working on…

A change of plans

We’ve decided to rearrange the release schedule for the next two Alpha testing phases. Rather than release the ship customization component next, we will be implementing the TDF Capital Ship interior environment. The main reason behind this change is the first-pass work on the new Orion is nearly complete, and we thought it would be a much more substantial update if our testers could fly into battle with the most up-to-date version of our prototype starfighter.

For everyone not participating in the Alpha testing you can check out some in-game screenshots of the new Orion below. Its still a work in progress, but we think its pretty awesome already!

The next phase of our Alpha will be launching this Sunday, July 26th, with a functional TDF Capital ship interior for you to explore. Look to the forums for the official download link, and we look forward to seeing you all then.