Dev Blog 08 – Squadmates , New Ships, and Sound

Josh Duffenais Dev Blog

We’ve got some big news and lots more progress to share in this update. Read on for a taste of Project Orion’s major characters, some first looks at the sound behind the game, and of course some shiny new spaceships from the art team.

Story Updates

Meet Battlegroup Delta

Throughout Project Orion, Viper will travel the stars with a relatively small group of ships and pilots known as Battlegroup Delta. Viper, in the Orion, will be responsible for a small fire-team comprised of three pilots in TDF Starfighters. These three pilots will accompany Viper through the toughest battles and their co-operation will be key to the survival of Battlegroup Delta.

Evan “Havoc” Hawk

“Havoc” is one of the most skilled pilots in Battlegroup Delta, and he knows it. That, combined with coming from a military family, has led to him being more or less careless when it comes to standard protocol. Not quite rebellious, Havoc is never shy about pushing the boundaries of the rules, and always one to fly by the seat of his pants. While some might consider his demeanor abrasive, towards anyone who has earned his respect, Havoc’s loyalty is fierce.


“Dare” is an easygoing, albeit strong-willed individual who’s fully aware of his potential, but lacks any real motivation to pursue it. As such, he’s perfectly content serving under someone else’s command. His ability to gather information quickly and analyze a situation is unmatched in Battlegroup Delta, and he uses these skills to relay relevant mission tactics to Viper.


“Raven,” while not shy, is often quiet and reserved. She joined the TDF in order to keep her family safe after OSA attacks were carried out on her colony. Not out for revenge, but rather looking to end the conflict before any more needless suffering is caused, Project Orion and Project Artemis are directly in line with her interests. Despite being hesitant to voice her concerns, Raven does nothing to hide her suspicion of Dr. Thorne’s true motives.

Art Updates

Project Orion will feature a variety of mission types with a multitude of faction-created ships, but they’re not the only ones flying out beyond the stars. In one of the early missions of Project Orion Viper will encounter civilians midway through a colony-wide evacuation, some of them will be onboard ships like this one.

The sounds of project orion

Designing audio for a game set in a vacuum can be difficult. If we wanted a realistic space experience we would be forced to create a very quiet game, but if we ignore the environment entirely the player loses their connection to Viper. The best solution, it seems, is the time honoured muffling technique. Our approach to sound in space involves muffling any sound produced in an “exterior” environment, while allowing the “interior” environments to use a full range of frequencies. It’s a typical Sci-Fi approach to making an otherwise silent soundscape into a texturally interesting setting for the action, and it suits our needs just fine.

Beyond the design of our soundscapes we have the technology that powers them, in this case Wwise. Project Orion is fully Wwise integrated and takes advantage of many of the advanced features the sound engine offers. Wwise allows for simple integration of new Sound Events and sequences without any intervention from a programmer, making sound implementation quick and easy.
Coming soon we’ll see one of Wwise’s most powerful features implemented in Project Orion: the dynamic dialogue system. This system will be used specifically for Viper’s fire-team, allowing him to issue context specific commands to the members of his squad and have them respond in turn.

Keep watching the updates for more on sound, and soon we’ll be talking about the music of Project Orion.