Dev Blog 07 – Missions, Art, and Design

Brad Hill Dev Blog

We’re back with another big update on the project, with more story, art, and design news.

Story and Missions

Today we want to share some more specifics on the campaign, including flow, mission count, and mission types. Beginning with progression, the campaign will move forward with the completion of individual missions launched from the mission/galaxy map. In between missions you will have the opportunity to explore the interior of your Capital Ship where you can customize your ship, speak to other characters, and overhear their conversations with others. We plan on adding more unique content to interact with as well. The capital ship gives us a lot of freedom to express the story in both direct and indirect ways, and we plan on taking full advantage of it.

Art Updates

We’ve got a few more ships currently in progress to show you, in this case both frigates.

While significantly smaller than their capital ships, the Arckin frigate is still a force to be reckoned with. Typically deployed in small numbers as scouts ahead of a larger fleet, or in support of a capital ship. They can easily go toe-to-toe with a TDF frigate or in larger numbers even a capital ship. They carry a surprisingly large amount of support fighters as well given their size.

The TDF frigate is an aging but robust design. Carrying a much larger engine than most ships of its size, it’s often used for shock value by charging at enemy formations and firing from close range. This oversized powerplant also allows it to be heavily armored without impeding maneuverability. Its primary weapon, stretching almost the full length of the ship, is a railgun capable of firing projectiles at over 20 kilometers per second. It has a small hangar allowing it to deploy a few support fighters, but depends mostly on its anti-fighter turrets to keep small craft away.

Design – Squadron Control

Although still in the design stages, we want to go into detail on the current implementation of squadron commands. Commands will be given from a radial menu similar to the Energy Routing menu in game right now. Because of the fast paced nature of combat, stopping to give precise orders is just not an option. To account for this, time will slow significantly while the order menu is open, allowing you to free look and designate target for orders without worrying about flying into an asteroid. The final list of commands isn’t decided, but we will be sure to keep you updated on future developments.