Dev Blog 02 – Story

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Welcome to the second official Dev Blog post of Project Orion!  With the Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign launch approaching we will be posting several blog entries that outline the goals of the project throughout development.  In this post we will be sharing an outline of how we plan to bring the story of Project Orion to players.


In Project Orion the story of the past is just as important as the future.

Project Orion takes place in a galaxy that has been defined by war and hostility for over a hundred years. When humanity finally gained the ability of interstellar travel a massive age of expansion began.  Colonies began springing up further and further from Earth at an almost exponential rate. However as the distance between the outer colonies and Earth grew, tensions began to rise.

Severe political unrest ran rampant in the outer systems in 2382, with many colonies in these distant systems in outright protest and rebellion. The result was the formation of the Outer Systems Alliance in 2437.  This new independent government was dedicated to resisting the policies and rule of the Earth-based Terran Government.

To defend their respective colonies, both sides began to militarize, starting the largest arms race in history. In 2532, what began as a Cold War, escalated into all-out conflict. This brings us to the present day.  The year is now 2563, and the war has shown no sign of slowing down.

Project Orion

Project Orion began as an ultra-secret black program by the R&D division of the TDF.  The main focus of the project was utilizing a recently discovered energy source to produce the most advanced starfighter ever conceived.

The energy gave the ship abilities reserved for those 50 times its size, like the ability to power a Warp Jump Drive.  Energy shielding became practical for the first time, as the combination of massive energy and the small size of the Orion made it feasible.

Story – A Design Perspective

To keep the player attached and involved in the story, the game revolves around the missions carried out by Battlegroup Delta, to which the Orion is assigned.  A standard TDF battlegroup consists of one capital ship and three support frigates. Between missions the player will be able to explore the interior of the capital ship.  This allows us to tell a more detailed and in-depth story with both cut scenes and interactive elements.

A major focus will be producing as much quality voice acting as possible.  Being an Indie studio means that normally we cannot afford professional voice acting talent.  One of the Kickstarter stretch goals we would be most excited for is the ability to hire real actors and expand the quantity and quality of the dialogue in game.

Mission progression will be mostly linear with a few choices along the way.  A full overview of the progress of the war and current missions will be available on the galaxy map.  This is also how the player will begin a mission, by selecting it on the map.


We don’t want to give too much of the story away, but we would like to say we have some big surprises and even a few twists planned!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Project Orion and we hope it got you interested in what the game will have to offer.  Look for other posts on the development process in the future, and check out the others already released.