Dev Blog 01 – Game Design

Brad Hill Dev Blog

Welcome to our first official Dev Blog post on the new Project Orion website!  With the Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign launch approaching we will be posting several blog entries that outline the goals of the project throughout development.  In this post we will be sharing an outline of our Game Design and Gameplay goals.

Brief History

Project Orion began development over a year and a half ago.  The initial design was a raw space combat experience, with a focus on large and dynamic battles.  We wanted lots of ships both large and small taking part in epic battles, and environments that changed based on the flow of the battle.

As development progressed we focused on making the combat more dynamic by introducing the Energy Routing mechanic that became one of the game’s core elements.  We saw that adding in depth ship customization could really help players play the way they think is best.  And finally we realized that a game needs a story to truly engage the player and immerse them in the game world and the battles that take place in it.

A year and a half later we’ve come a long way to achieving what we set out to do – create a truly great space combat experience.

The Future

There is still lots to do before our vision for Project Orion is fully realized.  With the core of our gameplay developed and tested it’s time for us to focus on additional features and expanding on those we already have.

The Squadron Command system is one of the completely new features we will be developing for Project Orion.  While this sounds like a major undertaking, the existing AI system was built to be modular and will easily adapt to the new behavior required from them.  The system will be designed so that you never need to micromanage your allies.  They will continue to carry out their goals depending on the flow of the battle until you command them otherwise.  The system will be designed to seamlessly integrate into the flow of battle, a natural extension of your other combat abilities. Stay tuned for future updates on the development of the System.

The customization system of the Orion will have a fully fleshed out tech tree, with upgrades and attachments that have unique and significant effects on the gameplay.  We have a long list of great ideas to test and implement.  Also as part of our Kickstarter campaign were giving the opportunity for some of our supporters to help us design their own upgrades for the Orion!

I hope you enjoyed this short overview of Gameplay development goals.  We want to keep everyone informed on our progress with regular updates, and hope that you are just as excited as we are to see the evolution of Project Orion!